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Colombia Codes

Colombia Codes

Codes of Colombia

+57 CO - Country Code for Mobile Phones and Whatsapp
Colombia Codes (+57) CO / COL - Country Code for Mobile Phones, Telephone Calls, Whatsapp Messages and SMS. List of International Dial Code by City. Mobile Phone Companies.
(+57) Colombia Country Code. International Dial Code. Search by city. Find phone, address, and contacts
.CO is the country code for internet and national web sites
Area Code by City and State - Area Code
Telephone Area Codes in Colombia - City - Area Code
Bogotá (+57)1
Cali (+57)2
Cartagena (+57)5
Cúcuta (+57)7
Medellín (+57)4
Pereira (+57)6
Bogotá - Cundinamarca - Code : 1
Medellín - Antioquia - Code : 4 - Medellin
Cali - Valle - Code : 2
Pereira - Risaralda - Code : 6
Armenia - Quindío - Code : 6 - Quindio
Manizales - Caldas - Code : 6
Cartagena - Bolívar - Code : 5 - Bolivar
Barranquilla - Atlántico - Code : 5 - Atlantico
Santa Marta - Magdalena - Code : 5
Bucaramanga - Santander - Code : 7
Cúcuta - Norte de Santander - Code : 7
Tunja - Boyacá - Code : 8 - Boyaca
Leticia - Amazonas - Code : 8
Amazonas - Puerto Nariño - 7
Arauca - Arauca - 7
Florencia - Caquetá - 8 - Caqueta
Ibagué - Tolima - 8 - Ibague
Mitú - Vaupés - 8 - Vaupes
Mocoa - Putumayo - 8
Montería - Córdoba - 4 - Cordoba
Neiva - Huila - 8
Pasto - Nariño - 2
Popayán - Cauca - 2
Puerto Carreño - Vichada - 8
Puerto Inírida - Guainía - 8 - Guainia
Quibdó - Chocó - 4 - Choco
Rioacha - La Guajira - 5
San Andrés - San Andres y Providencia - 8
San José del Guaviare - Guaviare - 8
Sincelejo - Sucre - 5
Valledupar - Cesar - 5
Villavicencio - Meta - 8
Yopal - Casanare - 8
Colombia Country Code : +57
International Call Prefix: 00
Telephone numbers in Colombia
Colombia Country Code: +57
International Call Prefix: 00
Bogotá: 1
Medellín: 4
Cali: 2
Pereira: 6
Armenia: 6
Manizales: 6
Cartagena: 5
Barranquilla: 5
Santa Marta: 5
B/manga: 7
Cúcuta: 7
Tunja: 8
Leticia: 8 -

Telephone numbers in Colombia
Telephone Area Codes Colombia - Area Code -
From within Colombia, before dialling the city Area
Code, if you are using ETB Mundo you have to dial 07 ; Telecom 09 and Orbitel 05.
To call Colombia from other countries dial 011 57 + city ex:
to call Bogotá : 011 57 1 + local number -
Para llamar a Colombia desde el exterior marque:
011 57 + el código de la ciudad - Ej: Bogotá 011 57 1 y el numero local
From within Colombia, before dialling the city Area
Code, if you are using ETB Mundo you have to dial 07 ; Telecom 09 and Orbitel 05 .
Desde Colombia debe marcar antes del indicativo de la cuidad, los números 07 si llama por ETB Mundo, 09 por Telecom y por Orbitel 05
To call Colombia from other countries dial 011 57 + city ex:
to call Bogotá 011 57 1 + local number
Para llamar a Colombia desde el exterior marque:
011 57 + el código de la ciudad ej: Bogotá 011 57 1 y el numero local
City / Area Code / Phone Numbers of Colombia

Codes of Colombia Phone Books

White pages Páginas Blancas - Find telephone numbers, services and people in Colombia. Enter first name (Nombre), last name (Apellido), and select city (like Bogota) in Ciudad.
Find businesses in Colombia.
Paginas Amarillas - Yellow pages business directory for Colombia, limited listings from a multinational directory.
Pagina Amarillas de ETB - Yellow Pages business directory for Colombia, from a local publisher. In Spanish.
Tourists tend to overlook Colombia when making their travel plans to South America, but doing so they miss out on so much. While there areas of the country where conflict continues between the government and the drug warlords, in general security has been vastly improved and tourists locations are normally considered to be very safe. Tourism has been increased greatly in the past few years, so we recommend that you travel soon before the rest of the crowds find this hidden gem.
While there be sure to save time for a cup of coffee and along conversation with friendly Colombians everywhere you go. Colombians are revered for their beautiful Spanish that is considered to be the best standard to use. It is true though that the wittiest of Colombians will utterly confuse you with double meanings and subtle jokes. While they speak clearly, keeping up with their dancing is a whole other ordeal. Colombian people love to dance salsa, meringue, and their own traditional cumbia. They have elaborate festivals especially during the summer months.
Vacation in Colombia feels like a constant party!
Typical Colombian Food - Everything from ants to fried bananas.
Typical Colombian Drinks - The classic Aguardiente, rum and lets not forget the Coffee!
Bogotá - The Capital of Colombia.
Cartagena - Beaches, The Old City, The Castle.
Emeralds of Colombia - The finest emeralds (and their mines) can be found in Colombia.
Las Lajas Cathedral - Perched on the side of a cliff, this cathedral is like none other that you have seen.
Popayán - One of Colombia's top colonial cities nestled in the Andes Mountains
San Agustín - Amazing archaeological sites nearby.
Taganga - A small fishing village 5km north east of Santa Marta.
Zipaquirá - Catedral del Sal - The underground Cathedral made out of Salt.
National Anthem - With its translation in English. International Call Prefix : 00 followed by 1 or 3 digit carrier code
Trunk Prefix : 0 followed by 1 or 3 digit carrier code
Landline service in Colombia
Phone numbers in Colombia - Local numbers follow the pattern: NXX-XXXX - Where N is a range from 2-8. Numbers where N is 9 are reserved for pay phones.
Domestic long-distance - Domestic long-distance numbers follow the pattern: 0AB -NXX-XXXX / 0AxyB -NXX-XXXX - Where A represents one of the four national long-distance carriers, but new long distance operators are using 0Axy format:
456 Telmex
444 Comcel
5 Orbitel
9 Telefónica
And B represents the dialing zone where the call originates. Each department belongs to only one dialing zone:
1 Bogotá and Cundinamarca
2 Valle del Cauca, Cauca and Nariño
4 Antioquia, Chocó and Córdoba
5 Atlántico, Bolívar, Cesar, La Guajira, Magdalena and Sucre
6 Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío
7 Santander, Norte de Santander and Arauca
8 Boyacá, Tolima, Huila, San Andrés, Meta, Caquetá and the Amazon and Orinoco departments (Casanare, Vichada, Guainía, Vaupés, Guaviare, Amazonas and Putumayo)
International dialing - To dial internationally from Colombia, subscribers dial using the pattern:
00456 -Telmex Int'l Long Distance service.
00A -XX...
Where A represents the long-distance carrier, as described above.
Mobiles in Colombia
Calls to a mobile phone
Mobile phone numbers follow the pattern:
MMM -XXX-XXXX when calling from any mobile phone
03-MMM -XXX-XXXX when calling from any landline phone
57-MMM -XXX-XXXX when calling from outside Colombia
Where MMM represents the access code for one of the country's three mobile phone operators:
Tigo - Mobile Operator in Colombia - Codes: 300, 301, 302, 304
Comcel - Mobile Operator in Colombia - Codes: 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 320, 321
Movistar - Mobile Operator in Colombia - Codes: 315, 316, 317, 318
Mobiles: Calls from a mobile phone - Calls from a mobile phone to a domestic landline phone follow the pattern: 03B -NXX-XXXX
Where B corresponds to the dialing zone of the receiving phone.

To dial internationally from a mobile phone, the procedure is identical to calling from a landline phone.

Toll-free service - Toll-free numbers follow the pattern: 01-800 -XXX-XXXX
Old Format: Before 2002, the format was 9800 -XXXXXX. When the current format was adopted in that year, existing toll-free numbers were given the format 01-800-0 XX-XXXX. These numbers were advertised with the grouping 01-8000 -XXX-XXX, leading many people to erroneously believe that the general prefix for toll-free numbers is 01-8000 .
Other phone services
Toll-based service: 01-900 -XXX-XXXX and 01-901 -XXX-XXXX
Dial-up Internet service billed per minute: 01-947 -XXX-XXXX and 01-948 -XXX-XXXX
Emergency numbers (Colombian National Police) Is 1-1-2 , called linea ciento doce (hundred and twelve line) - In the cities of Bogotá, Medellin - Cúcuta, dial 1-2-3 , for police, fire department and general emergencies
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Telecommunications in Colombia
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